ISL 2012-2013 Will Start In November: Joko

JAKARTA (11 August 2012) – Joko Driyono, the chief executive officer of the Indonesia Super League (ISL), announced this week that the ISL 2012-2013 will begin in November this year.

Following this announcement, it has in turn put the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was signed in June in jeopardy as it was then agreed that the FA of Indonesia (PSSI) and the breakaway federation (KPSI) will find a middle line in which there would be only one top-tier flight in 2013.

But as Joko pointed out that middle line is fast becoming a blur and with neither parties able to sort out their differences, it left the ISL with little choice but to go ahead with plans for the new season.

“The Joint Committee is tasked with finding a solution whereby next year, there would be only one professional league. But we have made the analysis that it would be tough for either the ISL or the IPL to merge for just a single professional league in 2013,” explained Joko (pix).

“So we have to carry on with our plans and go through with the ISL league in 2013 which will start in November. It has to be pointed out that the real stakeholders here are the teams who owns the players. 

“I don’t see the problem in having two leagues as afterall, previously we had two top tier league (Galatama and Perserikatan) running concurrently. So the ISL and IPL should be allowed to run side by side, until a time when a single league could be formalised.”