JAKARTA (22 Nov 2010) – 100PLUS, a new and unique isotonic drink recently launched in Indonesia, will contribute towards efforts to develop football in the country by supporting the First Division National Amateur League organised by BLAI PSSI (Indonesia FA).

100PLUS, the No. 1 brand in isotonic drinks in Singapore and Malaysia, and BLAI PSSI have agreed to a partnership beginning from this year. The partnership represents 100PLUS and BLAI PSSI joint commitment in enabling aspiring football clubs to enter the professional league and hopefully it will also help take Indonesian football to the next level.

“Football here in Indonesia, is the number one sport that is followed by millions of fans each day. It connects people together through the excitement of the game, as people cheer for their favourite club and as spectators together.

“Football also brings the nation together as Indonesia aspires to play a key role in the world stage through football. 100PLUS wish to help make that aspiration come true by sponsoring the First Division Amateur League,” said Chris Ng, General Manager – Projects for Fraser & Neave Ltd, Singapore (F&B Division).

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to be involved in football here. We have a heritage in Sports and Active Lifestyle in Singapore and Malaysia. Consumer makes 100PLUS their No. 1 choice because 100PLUS is specially and uniquely formulated to quickly refresh and re-energise”.

Players, officials, and even fans will now have the chance to consume 100PLUS and enjoys its unique benefits.

The hot and humid tropical weather all year round is a challenge to players, officials, and fans alike. 100PLUS unique formula that quickly refreshes and re-energize will help make the game carry on. 100PLUS is said to replenish body fluids better than water can. It is a perfect thirst quencher for sports and for active lifestyle.

100PLUS also meets the Nutritional Guidelines set by the Singapore Health Promotion Board as a healthier choice beverage. Over the years, 100PLUS has won numerous accolades such as the Readers Digest Trusted Brand Award and the Superbrands Award in Singapore. 100PLUS has also been voted the No. 1 Superbrand in Malaysia, ahead of many international brands.

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About 100PLUS
OUTDO YOURSELF with 100PLUS – 100PLUS is the leading Isotonic drink in Singapore and Malaysia. It is a specially formulated ‘thirst and body-quencher’ that helps to replenish lost fluids, energy and electrolytes to combat the effects of dehydration, heat, and exertion – enabling you to achieve peak performance in your daily active lifestyle. It is also uniquely formulated to give that quick sensation of being refreshed and re-energise.

100PLUS hydrates you with its optimal combination of carbohydrates, electrolytes and fluids for quick and efficient replenishment of the body, better than water can. 100PLUS as an isotonic helps to accelerate the body absorption of fluids and at the same time, provides an immediate source of energy needed by the muscle tissue.