HANOI (24 Nov 2009) – At the conference on professional football held by Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) recently, it was decided that only one naturalized Vietnamese player will be allowed to take to the field at a time.

While the new season will allow clubs to sign up to five foreign players and play up to three imports, only one naturalized Vietnamese citizen will be allowed to play.

This was decided at a meeting which was attended by representatives from the 14 clubs in the V-League and the 12 clubs from the First Division Tournament.

It was also decided that from 2011 onwards, all clubs in the V-League will have to be registered companies.

For the First Division teams, this rule of private ownerships will only apply from 2014 onwards.

From 2011 to 2013, each professional V-League clubs can register only four foreigners and use three foreign players while for First Division clubs, they are allowed to register three and use two foreign players.

The VFF plan to invite clubs’ representative to join the organizing board of the V-League from 2010 onwards.